Why learn Python Programming.

     Hello students, if you are a computer science student and want to learn and master one of the programming languages. You must consider learning Python programming. I personally like Java programming but in recent years I suggest students of mine learn Python programming. I will tell you the four most important reasons to learn Python programming. 

1. Easy to learn.

The first reason you should learn Python Programming is that it is very easy to learn and use. Python’s simplified syntax makes it easy to learn Python programming for new beginners and newcomers. Python is easy to learn because it is written and read a lot like the English language. Because of this, Python code is faster to write and programmers can think more clearly while writing code.


For example, If we compare Java and Python program code to print ‘hello world’, you can notice how easy it is to write Python code.

Java program code:


class HelloWorld {

                               public static void main(String args[]) {

                                        System.out.println(“hello world”);



This is the Java code that prints a string hello word.


Python program code:


print (‘hello world”)


Here you might have noticed to print ‘hello world’ Java code requires 4 lines whereas using Python only one line prints ‘hello world’ and that too very similar to the English language.


Among many reasons why Python programming is simple one reason is Python has dynamic typing. Python keeps track of the kind of object your program uses when it runs. Python does not require complicated type-size declarations in your code. 

For example, If you want to store the name of a student and the roll number of a student in Java programming you have to declare the name as a string type variable and the roll number as an integer variable like

Strings name = “Piyu”;

int rollNo = 100;

In Python programming, there is no need to declare the name as a string type variable and roll number as an integer type variable Python understands the type of a variable when it runs. Therefore, you just need to write a code.


name = ‘Piyu’

roll_no= 100

2. Faster software development.

Another reason to learn Python Programming is the simplified syntax of Python. The simplified syntax of Python helps programmers to write code faster as compared to C++ and Java. If we compare C++ or Java with Python programming, the syntax of Java or C++ is very complicated. While writing code in Java you have to remember to put a semicolon (;) at the end of the line and you have to match braces. If you forget to write; or if braces do not match you will be prompted with many error messages. This is not the case with Python programming. While writing Python code  you don’t have to remember to put semicolon (;)  at the end of a line and remember to match the parenthesis. 

           The reason for faster code development is that there is no code compilation process. Python is an interpreter-based programming language. I remember conducting Java practicals in college laboratory. Students could hardly complete two programs in one session. It is because they are prompted with hundreds of error messages while executing Java programs. It takes a lot of time to correct all those errors. Now when I see students writing Python programs, They write code with ease and execute code faster.

           Another important reason why Python code development is faster is: Python is an open-source programming language therefore it has reach set of Python libraries that make development work easy. Python programmers don’t have to write the entire code from scratch they can just import a library to perform complex tasks. Python has more than 300,000 packages available on Pypi which can be used by the Python programmer. Because it is an open-source framework many people contributed and developed their packages. The Python programmer just needs to install or import these packages in his program and reuse them. So as a Python programmer, you get many readymade modules or packages to be used in your program you don’t need to code everything to implement your functions.

3. Python is used for data science machine learning and artificial intelligence.

The third most important reason why you should learn Python programming is that Python supports data science machine learning artificial intelligence data visualization, and if you want highest paid jobs in India and abroad you must learn Python. Python has many data science libraries providing add-on analytic capabilities. Programmers can use Python to enhance machine learning and artificial intelligence applications. Data scientists can use Python to perform deep and meaningful data analysis on big data. Python also offers data visualization libraries that allow data to be depicted graphically in a simple and effective plot.

Do you want to be a data scientist, data analyst, data engineer, or a Python backend engineer you must learn Python programming. 

       Over recent years every organization needs to analyze data quickly and accurately to grow their business and therefore every organization needs employees to work on their business intelligence and data analytics projects which means there are plenty of job opportunities for a Python developer or a Python programmer. If you learn a few other tools with Python programming, you will get the job of data scientist, data engineer, data analyst, machine learning engineer, Python developer, Python backend engineer, and so on.

4. Excellent pay and immense career scope.

Python-skilled professionals have plenty of career options available to them. They get paid very well and there is a lot of scope for growth. Since Python is extensively used across many upcoming technologies there is a big chance for many job opportunities. Currently, there is a big need for Python programmers since almost every organization is using Python for their projects.

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